Welcome to cats&green tea!

Having graduated from the National Design Academy in interior design, I love art history, especially painting.

cats&green tea is first of all the result of an enthusiasm, a project that is close to my heart, in a field that fascinates me.

The start of a new adventure that I am undertaking with motivation and curiosity. But above all it is the receptacle of my passions: decoration, home, beautiful fabrics, artistic creation.

I am convinced of the influence of our interior space on the quality of our daily life. I like calm, elegant, sophisticated atmospheres. And I'm a homebody too: I love spending time at home, far from outside noise and the hustle and bustle of the city.

My favorite time of the day? Definitely tea time with my cat, at least when she deigns to show up... The star of our logo! And she even already has a blog in her name!

So follow us on this (beautiful) adventure?

Gabrielle & Kitri

Surround yourself with beautiful things

The taste of beauty

I am passionate about art history, especially painting.

A small preference for Dutch painters of the 17th century and French painting of the 18th century! But I also like sculpture, architecture, Louis XVI furniture, art-deco jewelry, antique dealers, the entire Second Empire, among others...

My secret goal? May our cushions give you the same feelings of joy, energy, harmony and contentment that I feel when I look at a work of art.

A little Greek!

Do you know the etymology of the word "statue" (ά γαλμα )? A Greek word which comes from the verb αγάλλομαι: to rejoice!. According to the ancient Greeks, whoever looks at a statue rejoices his soul! A concept quite different from the statue, archetype of immobility!

For me, this is the essence of artistic creation: creating this unique feeling of contentment...and rejoicing.

For this, I select patterns with the greatest attention so that they give you (I hope!) this same feeling of joy, well-being and harmony.

Tea Time!

Comfortable sofa, beautiful dishes, sweet treats, English tea, flowers... and soft cushions.

A moment of calm, comfort and rest.

A real star!

Because here is in reality the real star of this site and our adventure!

The beautiful Kitri, a cat's sweetheart, a majestic beauty with a very loud purr and sharp claws!

Follow us on this adventure!