A taste for beautiful things

What are our cushions?

cats&green tea is a young company manufacturing textile and decorative items

We work with real creators. Our wish through our cushions:

Bring, where you live, an artistic, aesthetic, poetic touch.

To surround yourself with beautiful things and live in a harmonious and comforting environment.

Beautiful paintings, English tea and...a cat to pet.


L'accessoire idéal pour votre décoration

Vert, rouge, rose, bleu, mauve, nous déclinons nos gammes de coussins décoratifs dans de multiples couleurs pour habiller votre canapé ou votre fauteuil d'une note à la fois tonique, délicate, élégante et sublimer votre intérieur.

Nous avons créé 4 collections de housses de coussins, osé, avec nos créateurs, des imprimés originaux : motifs fleuris, graphiques, délicats, toujours vifs, colorés et artistiques. Que vous ayez envie de donner un style design, estival, chic ou intemporel à votre décor maison.

Notre Studio Déco pourra vous aider à associer les couleurs, réorganiser les espaces ou accessoiriser votre intérieur.

I will recommend

Stunning!!! I received my 2 cushions, very careful delivery. I am very happy. In addition, they were very attentive to my tastes. I will definitely recommend.

Fabienne, Instagram, 12/17/2023

It's splendid!

I really like what you do!! The finesse of the drawings, the lines, the choices, the color associations... it's splendid!! Keep it up....

Laëtitia, Instagram, 01/08/2024

What we believe in!

French quality

Our cushions are printed and sewn in France by talented artisans.

We avoid waste by limiting overproduction and overstocking and by manufacturing the correct quantity.

Our partner manufacturers recycle fabric residue and paper waste.

Surround yourself with beautiful things

Pearls, lace, velvet, colorful butterflies, roses...

Romanticism, joy, finesse mixed together, sometimes a little nostalgia.

The delicacy of the fabrics, the harmony of the colors, the graphics, the originality of the patterns, the stories told, are all aesthetic choices to express an artistic vision of the cushion.

Our creative artists

Like a publishing house, we select the authors of our collections with the greatest care. Each artist is chosen for their talent, their creativity, for the singularity of their universe, for their original and inspired creations.

Our approach is that of co-construction. From design to production, it is a pleasure to develop artistic projects at each stage that highlight the talent of our creative artists.

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