A little revamped armchair!

This charming little armchair was found by its owners in a flea market.

The original fabric, probably 18th century, a deep blue velvet, had aged poorly and the fringe was faded and torn in places.

The idea was to give it a fresh and sparkling new look, while highlighting its elegance.

After a few tests, we opted for this beautiful green decorated with fine golden branches from the Lelièvre house.

To provide a delicate contrast, we selected a pretty fringe in pink highlights from Houlès.

After a trip to the upholsterer, the little armchair is completely transformed.

Lovely, isn't it?

Fabric: Lelièvre Paris, Rameaux-Amande model, Florilège Collection (4245-03)
Fringe: Houlès Paris, Antica Rose model, 65mm strand fringe
Tapestry: Cyril Verdier, Upholsterer and decorator in Trouville (14)