New curtains for a Pilates studio

The wish of this studio in Paris was to change its curtains and the small cushions in the entrance. To create an atmosphere where nature would be very present.

We needed a design that would go well with the other elements of the studio, in particular a plant painting, the wooden floor and ecru-colored lampshades.

The choice fell on the “Iris” design from our “Papillons” collection. A very elegant design which mixes blue and green tones on a light gray base, lively and transparent like in a garden after the rain.

The design was adapted to the dimensions of the curtain to create a panel measuring 140×180 cm.

The chosen finish is a white metal eyelet finish which gives a contemporary look to the curtain while remaining simple. The white metal of the eyelets highlights the light gray of the fabric. A simple hem finishes the bottom of the curtain.

As for the cushions, in accordance with the studio's wishes, the design was divided into two parts, one for each side, and adapted to their dimensions of 30×50 cm.


A tailor-made creation by cats&green tea which enchanted both the studio and its students, who now enjoy a natural, sober and colorful atmosphere.


Location : Paris, 17th arrondissement
Project duration : 1 month
Category : Cushions, Curtains