This 25 m2 apartment was in its original state!

A line of yellow and white cabinets was disproportionately present and darkened the room which nevertheless had two beautiful large windows.

Once the aged placo was removed, surprise: a beautiful wall of red bricks and beams in the pure northern style was revealed!

We made the decision to keep this section of old wall, to consolidate it and renovate it, without reopening it again.

The bricks were polished and the beams repainted, which gave a warm and modern touch to the room. And to highlight the high ceiling.

The long strip pine flooring was also cleaned, polished and re-glazed. Part of the cupboards were kept and repainted graphite black.

And There you go ! A small apartment that is both old and modern with its own character in the style of the neighborhood. Ready to live in!

Place : Lille, 59
Project duration : 3 months
Category : renovation, home-staging